February 8, 2018

The baby is finally here!! While mothers are delighted they often find it difficult to get back to their original pre pregnancy weight.  Carrying the baby for nine months and the final delivery takes its toll on moms and once all the dust settles it can be hard for them to immediately get back to working out or staying fit. Thus, to help mother’s better manage their weight and ensure weight loss after pregnancy;

weight loss after pregnancy - Cut Down that Stubborn Pregnancy Weight more Effectively

Here are some important tips that they need to follow-

  • Do not rush – Take your time to recover and give yourself a break. Wait until you are normal and only then begin your journey to a get back into shape
  • For mothers that are breast feeding they need to take it slow. Breastfeeding has many benefits as well for both mothers and babies
  • Do not go into a full-fledged diet but instead eat right to stay fit and healthy – This is where you can reach out to a qualified dietician to help you. These experts provide you with a comprehensive diet plan that will ensure that you eat right to lose weight and stay healthy. You should not skip meals, eat smaller portions of meals on a regular basis throughout the day, never skip breakfast, have lots of water, choose broiled or baked food rather than fried and stay away from sugar
  • Be realistic in your approach- No matter what any magazine may say you need to set realistic goals and remember that weight loss will take time.
  • Start exercising but don’t over push yourself- Put in some cardio workout like walking, jogging, running cycling, etc.
  • Get proper sleep and do not compromise on this
  • Ask for help from qualified dieticians and other such professionals

These few tips will help mothers in their quest to a fit and toned body post- pregnancy