• How do I know if I’m overweight or obese?
  • Is liposuction a treatment for obesity?
  • Are weight loss drugs safe?
  • How can I make healthier food choices?
  • How can I come to know the types of fats in the ready to eat or packaged foods that I eat ?
  • Which is a healthier choice – Fruit or Fruit Juices
  • Are Organic foods better than Non- organic foods ?
  • Will I be able to maintain the weight loss achieved ?
  • What are the healthy cooking tips to be followed?
How do I know if I’m overweight or obese?

Body mass index (BMI) is an important indicator of obesity. It is calculated by the formula weight ( Kg) / height ( meter square) . For Asians, a BMI of 18 to 22.9 Kg/m2 is considered as normal weight ,23-24.9 Kg/m2 is over weight & a BMI of >25 is considered obese. You can refer to the BMI calculator to know your BMI.

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Is liposuction a treatment for obesity?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, done to reshape parts of the body. This surgery how ever does not promise long lasting weight loss, since fat can return and be lumpy or patchy and may require re-surgery .Get to know the healthy & long lasting approach to lose weight through our scientific programme at – Dietometer(WMC).

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Are weight loss drugs safe?

Now a days a lot of weight loss drugs are available in the local market, some of which are prepared with a mix of so called mysterious miracle ingredients which are not FDA approved. These in turn, can cause a lot of side effects even as grave as suicidal tendencies. The best way to lose weight is by creating a negative calorie balance –i.e. your out put in terms of calories needs to be more than your intake. The Experts (nutritionist) at Dietometer(WMC) will help you create this negative calorie balance in a healthy way by recommending a well balanced meal plan and specialized activity patterns.

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How can I make healthier food choices?

Eating a balanced diet which has food from each food group & in quantities required to meet the RDA’s(Recommended daily Allowance) as per NIN(National Institute of Nutrition) is the best way towards healthy eating.

Tips for Healthy Choice Of Food :
» Choose whole grains over the refined variety: Whole grains such as wheat, bajra, oats, ragi are rich source of nutrients required by the body for maintenance of good health.
» Choose fish and poultry over red meat and opt for lean cuts of meat .Bake , Broil or grill .Good quality proteins like egg , soya and its products ,whole pulses should be included in the daily diet.

Include vegetables of different colors like:
» Green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, spinach ,fenugreek and other dark leafy greens for calcium , iron and beta carotene,folic acid.
» Red / Orange vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin for beta carotene.
» Other vegs like brinjal,ladies finger,French beans,various gourds for their flavonoids and minerals.
» Take calcium-rich foods. Milk & milk products, green leafy vegetables, legumes are good sources of Calcium .If you don’t or can’t consume milk, choose lactose-free products viz soy milk, tofu , ragi flour etc. One should remember that consuming foods rich in magnesium along with calcium are important for enhancing the absorption of calcium.

Focus on fruits. Eat a variety of fruits – Prefer whole fruits over fruit juices

Choose from a variety of fats (PUFA – Poly unsaturated fatty acids like refined vegetable oils ,MUFA – Mono unsaturated fatty acids like olive and mustard oil and SFA- Saturated fatty acids like butter and ghee ) in the desired proportions.N-3 and N-6 fatty acids are the essential fatty acids which need to be incorporated in the diet through the intake of nuts and seeds.

Limit salt intake to 5 gms per day

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How can I come to know the types of fats in the ready to eat or packaged foods that I eat ?

Ready to eat or packaged foods – such as breads, cereals, canned and frozen foods, snacks, desserts, and drinks – have a Nutrition Facts label on the package. The label states how many calories and how much saturated fat, trans fat, and other nutrients are present in each serving Reading Nutrition Label is very important before selecting any packaged food item.. Knowledge of understanding label reading is a pre-requisite in consuming processed foods.

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Which is a healthier choice – Fruit or Fruit Juices

To answer this question, we must determine the type of juice we are talking about. Most juices in the market contain very little fruit juice -.and a lot of sweetening , flavoring & preservatives .Although 100% fruit juice (no added sugar & one with pulp ) is just as healthy as fresh fruit,.Fresh fruit tends to be much lower in calories per serving due to the satiety value that dietary fiber provides.

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Are Organic foods better than Non- organic foods ?

Organic foods are neither more nutritious nor do they provide extra strength or energy .Their nutrient content is almost identical to non- organic variety .The main benefit of organic foods is that they are grown without the use of chemical sprays and fertilizers which makes them a healthier and safer option for the body.

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Will I be able to maintain the weight loss achieved ?

The weight loss program at Dietometer(WMC) is individualized , ensuring that the body’s nutrient requirements are met with along with healthy weight loss. During the weight loss program , intensive counseling helps in achieving and sustaining the weight loss and eventually the nutritional tips become an integral part of one’s dietary regime.No crash diets , medicines ,invasive surgical procedures are involved in making you achieve your weight management goals, thus ensuring easier maintenance of the weight loss .

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What are the healthy cooking tips to be followed?

» Always wash vegetables under running water before peeling and chopping them.
» Do not cut vegetables into very small pieces, as it leads to nutrient loss.
» Do not reheat food, and avoid reuse of oil for frying .
» Add salt at the end of cooking to maintain the iodine content in diet.
» Use Roasting , grilling , steaming as methods of cooking .
» Do not throw the stock in which the vegetables have been cooked.

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