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Looking for a healthy lifestyle? Want to ensure better weight management? Or just want information on what food items are best to eat and what you need to avoid? If yes, then Dietometer (powered by Recurve Slimming) is here to save the day. No matter what your age group and physiological or medical condition, Dietometer can provide you with effective diet plans for all your needs. Your journey to a fit and healthy body begins here!!

Proper health today is a priority for many people and is often measured by a person’s ability to resist infections, strength, stamina, endurance, alertness, energy levels and how healthy their skin and hair is. By ensuring that you have a well-balanced diet plan in place you can pave way to a healthy life and fit body.

To ensure that you have proper guidance and information regarding your dietary needs our expert dieticians step in to devise a comprehensive and effective diet plan. With over 10 years of experience our professional goes through your medical history and then comes up with the most suitable diet. They understand that not every individual is the same and thus, follow a tailored approach based on each client’s specific needs. Be it your health, taste or nutrition preferences you will get diet plans accordingly.

From a comprehensive assessment to diet plans for weight loss, weight gain, special needs and disease management Dietometer offers high quality services and ensures that people stay healthy and eat right



Dr. Namita Nadar is a top Clinical Nutritionist associated with the Leading hospital Fortis Hospital, Noida

What makes Dietometer– Recurve Slimming different from other weight loss center ?

Dietometer follows a synergistic approach of Nutrition & Ayurveda to provide an easy , adaptable, individualistic diet..


Promotes “Health For All“ during different phases of life to achieve the right BMI & Body Composition. Also helps to guide individuals with different therapeutic conditions.


No crash diets, dietary guidance based on individual’s body composition and constitution , Non invasive methods of weight management


Diet Modifications based on personal tastes and needs.


Vitamins,minerals must be a part of healthy life.Get all these nutrotion a part of diet in a Weight management Center (WMC), which you do not got in your daily diet.

Comprehensive Assessment : ABCD…Approach

A detailed four step assessment by a team of experts to recommend you a customized diet programme

  • A – Anthropometeric Assessment – BMI Calculator, Body composition analysis ( output sheet), Body constitution – Vata / Pitta / Kapha
  • B – Bio chemical parameters (Kidney profile,Liver function test,Thyroid profile, farsting sugar,Haemoglobin )
  • C – Clinical History
  • D – Dietary Assessment

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A detailed four step assessment by a team of experts to recommend you a customized diet programme

Dr. Namita Nadar is extensively covered by media such as – Tv Channels: aaj tak , channel p7, sahara, zee TV (swad bhi sehat bhi, broad casted every week 3 pm). Channel Green (Health food in kitchen) Programme : Fit Delhi on aaj tak.

She is a qualified Diabetic educator with many certifications under her belt.

Name of certificate: 2nd advanced certificate course on applied Enteral Pharmeconutrition in critical care.

Organisation: Nestle institute of Nutrition ( TACT)

Year of certification: 27th and 28th oct 2012.

Few Other Certificates and Workshops:

  • Certificate of oral presentation on Hospital Malnutrition in the 5th Asian congress of Dietetics. Through Asian Dietetics Practice . Bangkok, Thailand. November 10-12 2010.
  • Child Health Congress. Greater Noida 14th nov 2010
  • Workshop at the 46th national conference of IDA. Organised by pune chapter. Workshop on Train the Trainer RD competency package . 12th Dec 2013 pune.
  • Diet and Diabetes by IDA jan 2011 delhi
  • Workshop on clinical nutrition 18th and 19th jan 2013
  • Conference on Science and Prescription of Fats and Oils By Saffola in Pushpanjali crossley Hospital Gbd.
  • Anual National Conference of IDA 29th to 1st Dec 2012 Hyderabad.



We have served over 4500+ customers in last few years with excellent results


out of 600 hormones 4 types of hormone which leads to weight gain are underactive thyroid, estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue.

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Diet based on your four types of body shape: Adernal. ,Estrogen and thyroid. With DIETOMETER, Know what type of body do you have

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Depend on blood group some particular food may lead to weight gain. Which can be controlled with blood group diet.

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Depend on your BMI. Calorie and protein requirement plan will me made which leads to weight loss.

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